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    Mouse Tracker

    Description: Tracks the current position of the mouse in a multi-screen environment. The opacity level of the arrow is also controlled by the distance the cursor is from your primary screen.

    Note: I only had a day to work on this so it's bare at the moment.
    As of now it only supports screens directly horizontal or vertical of the primary screen.


    Attached is the project in both and

    This project demonstrates the following..
    1. The use of System.Windows.Forms.NotifyIcon class (system tray icons and context menus).
    2. Techniques to achieve a true alpha blended form (using png format imagery).
    3. Rotating images and simple but effective drawing techniques.
    4. The use of System.Windows.Forms.Screen class and some of the information it provides.
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    Media Library Beta *Dev | Mouse Tracker (Available in and *New | On-Screen Numpad ( *New

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