Hi guys, quick question, in dealing with IO.Ports.Serialport

I have this class,

''' <summary>
''' Routines for finding and accessing COM ports.
''' </summary>

Public Class ComPorts
'....this class contains different properties and subs that handle the serial port communication. for example:
   Friend Shared Sub FindComPorts()
    End Sub
Friend Function OpenComPort() As Boolean
End Function
'and such..
(this came from a serial communication example from lvr.com)
I'm using this class on my first form , like such

 Public UserPort1 As ComPorts
My question arises here: now that the port is open on the first form(UserPort1 is declared:Public UserPort1 As ComPorts on the first form), how do I keep the port open, when I
close/hide the first form and give focus/show the second form?? I'm thinking there must be some way like inherit or something that I can keep using the UserPort1 I declared on form1
Please help--------------------thx