I have an access report which calls a SP from its designer ie. i have set the RecordSource property to that as :-
dbo.uisp_RptJobSummary and i have also set the property for Input Parameters to @JOBID INT=FORMS!myFrm!txtJobId

History of my application:-I had a database which was on sql server 2000 and now i moved it to sql server 2008 R2 with compatibility 80.

Now i am using the FINE working application (with sql server 2000 ) with the sql server 2008 but when i write some data to backend with the jobid ,it saves that data to backend but when i try to fetch the written data via report it prints different data.

When i ran the same SP with same Jobid on sql server mgmt studio ,it gave me the right data but i don't know from where the report is pulling the wrong data.

Also if i try to print something with old JOBID which was created with sql server 2000 it prints the right data.

Can anybody help me out with this one?