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Thread: utf-8 string converter

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    Angry utf-8 string converter

    Hi, I need some about converting utf-8 string to ascii and hex. suppose i have some arabic character in a richtextbox how to convert it to hex or ascii. Please someone help me about this

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    Re: utf-8 string converter

    I honestly dont know if this will help but when I need to convert my string from vb6 to a utf 8 string I do the following. With some modification it might do what you need it to do

    Public Function ConvertStringToUtf8String(ByRef strText As String) As String
        Dim objStream As ADODB.Stream
        Dim Data() As Byte
        Dim strUTF8String As String
        Dim i As Long
        ' init stream
        Set objStream = New ADODB.Stream
        objStream.Charset = "utf-8"
        objStream.Mode = adModeReadWrite
        objStream.Type = adTypeText
        ' write bytes into stream
        objStream.WriteText strText
        ' rewind stream and read text
        objStream.Position = 0
        objStream.Type = adTypeBinary
        objStream.Read 3 ' skip first 3 bytes as this is the utf-8 marker
        Data = objStream.Read()
        ' close up and return
        'Convert back to ascii
        For i = 0 To UBound(Data)
            strUTF8String = strUTF8String & Chr(Data(i))
        Next i
        ConvertStringToUtf8String = strUTF8String
    End Function
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