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Thread: Pragmatically installing Windows Media player using .net.

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    Pragmatically installing Windows Media player using .net.

    How to pragmatically installing Windows Media player using .net.

    Windows media player is not a Product, It is Feature of Windows operating system. How to Turn On using .net program if it already off. and also Installing Higher version if necessary (ie., if Windows media player 9 is Exists and Turn On.. It should be Upgraded to Windows media player 11). Can all these done by programatically.

    What are all the ways for doing so.. In Versions of Windows - eg : xp,Vista,Windows 7, etc.

    thanks dinesh

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    Re: Pragmatically installing Windows Media player using .net.

    "duplicate thread" ...

    OK, you also posted this exact same thing in the VB6 forums... so which is it? VB6 or VB.NET?

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    Re: Pragmatically installing Windows Media player using .net.

    WMP is in fact a product or rather a piece of software, where along side gets installed with your operating system. It is then left in your hands to update it if an update is available from your current version. Also I don't get what you mean by turning it on and off?

    Depending on what your looking to do, we'll need more information..

    But as far as my thoughts go, installing foreign software programmatically is not a good idea and kind of seems sketchy if you ask me(unless its an update for the software your using--such as a simple software update). But if it's utilizing one of its many media features then all you truly need is which ever dll includes the feature your looking for.
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