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Thread: Testing for presence of table row

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    Testing for presence of table row

    I am currently using the following code to check for the presence of an entry in a table. I choose this code because I thought it was a good idea to use a public function to reduce the amount of code required. It works fine until the field I am checking for contains a ' character. I realise I need to use a parameter like @name but cannot work out how to pass the correct information to the public function. Can someone show me how to amend my existing code so I can use @staffNo.

    Imports System.Data.SqlClient

    Dim PaddedStaffNo As String
    PaddedStaffNo = (TextBox2.Text.PadLeft(4, "0"c))

    Private Sub ContinueButton_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles ContinueButton.Click
    ' Check for valid open database connection before query database
    If _SqlConnection IsNot Nothing AndAlso _SqlConnection.State = ConnectionState.Open Then
    If RecordExists(_SqlConnection, "SELECT StaffNo FROM tb_Users WHERE StaffNo = '" & PaddedStaffNo & "'") Then
    ' record found in DB, lets do record found task
    Label5.Text = "Staff No. already being used"
    End If
    ' close database connection
    End If

    Module ModuleUserDetails

    Public PubUsername As String
    Public PubPriv As String
    Public PubStaffNo As String
    Public PubEmptyPassword As Boolean
    Public Function RecordExists(ByRef _SqlConnection As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection, ByVal _SQL As String) As Boolean
    Dim _SqlDataReader As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader = Nothing
    ' Pass the connection to a command object
    Dim _SqlCommand As New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand(_SQL, _SqlConnection)
    ' get query results.
    _SqlDataReader = _SqlCommand.ExecuteReader()
    Catch _Exception As Exception
    ' Error occurred while trying to execute reader
    ' send error message to console (change below line to customize error handling)
    Return False
    End Try
    If _SqlDataReader IsNot Nothing AndAlso _SqlDataReader.Read() Then
    ' close sql reader before exit
    If _SqlDataReader IsNot Nothing Then
    End If
    ' record found
    Return True
    ' close sql reader before exit
    If _SqlDataReader IsNot Nothing Then
    End If
    ' record not found
    Return False
    End If
    End Function
    End Module

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    Re: Testing for presence of table row

    You need to escape the apostrophe as shown below.

    Dim FindValue As String = "O'Brien"
    Dim SelectStatment As String = _ 
          LastName = '<&#37;= FindValue.Replace("'", "''") %>'
    SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM Customers WHERE LastName = 'O''Brien'

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