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Thread: Password masked + more

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    Password masked + more

    Hello VB people

    i was looking for how to make a password char in console.
    I solved it it with this

    But is there anyway to read the password and if its GOOD
    it change the pass tthe word "RIGHT Password"

    And if its wrong make it "Bad password"

    then make a new line with again.
    "Enter password"

    Any way?

    Cant get out of it

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    Re: Password masked + more

    Why not just use the PasswordStrength control?

    As for your first statement, you shouldn't have to do that, all you need is an ASP.NET Textbox with mode set to Password.

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    Re: Password masked + more

    Hello hustelboy,

    Did the above answer your questions, or are you still having issues?


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