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Thread: ASP.NET FAQs [updated July 17 2011]

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    ASP.NET FAQs [updated July 17 2011]


    The following is a list of frequently asked questions for working with ASP.NET, including PostBacks, working with ASP.NET Server Controls, Sessions, ViewState, etc.

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    For all languages:
    ASP.NET Server Controls:
    If you can think of a "frequent" question (and preferably an answer to it as well) that you think should be added to these FAQs, please see this thread.
    Recent Additions
    • July 17 2011 : Created the FAQs thread



    • What is ViewState?

    • What is Session?

    • What is the QueryString?

    Using the web.config file
    • What is the web.config?
    • How can I encrypt/decrypt sections within the web.config file?

    Using the global.asax file
    • What is the global.asax file?




    • Where can I find a good Web Host?
    • Where can I find a free Web Host?

    Event Handling


    Commenting your code
    • Why should I comment my code?
    • How do I add XML Comments to my code?


    Screen Scraping
    • What is Screen Scraping?
    • How can I screen scrape a Web Page using WebClient?
    • How can I screen scrape a Web Page using HttpWebRequest?
    • What is the HTML Agility Pack?

    Http Modules
    • What is an Http Module?

    Http Handlers
    • What is an Http Handler?

    Data Input Validation
    • What are the ASP.NET Validation Controls?
    • How can I create Custom Validation Controls?
    • How can I validate, for example, an email address from the user?

    • Why does the ASPX markup that I create change when sent to the client?
    • What is the ClientID?
    • How can I access the ClientID of a Server Side control on the Client side?

    • How can I change the look and feel of my GridView?
    • How do I display the sum of a column in a GridView?

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