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Thread: Code examples for Mobile Development and Development environment download info

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    Code examples for Mobile Development and Development environment download info


    This thread is for you to post cool/useful examples of how to accomplish things on the mobile platforms. The code examples can be for any mobile platform not just the Windows based platforms.

    Development Tools

    APP Inventor

    Code Examples

    I came across some demonstrations for coding for the Windows Phone which, can be found here.

    Some code examples for OSX, etc from Apple can be found in the Apple Dev Center.

    Found a useful tutorial on codeproject for beginners using the Android Phone.

    More Android examples are linked to in post #2.

    akhileshbc's tutorial on J2ME programming can be found in the third post.
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    Re: Code examples for Mobile Development

    here is another useful link concerning the android development codes.

    you can find tutorials on almost all fields concerning the android system here and the possible codes. hope u find it helpful.

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    Re: Code examples for Mobile Development

    Here is J2ME programming:

    @Nightwalker83: I would suggest editing your first post to include all the links posted after it. So that, users would be able to know about the links from the first post itself.

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