I propose a simple example to solve my problem complex. I thank you and I count on your help.

Let's assume that the name of each worksheet is the one city-state and within each sheet there is information about this city-state but not necessarily the same information are on the same position on different tables.

For example, let's suppose there are several tables with values about the city (lines) as a function of months (in columns) and I want to make a graph of the GDP of the city in October 2007 (To complicate matters, the first line brings the year in merged cells. The months are below - in row two)

I use one. find to find "GDP " and take its line. Use another. find to find "October" and I take his line - But I could find an "October" wrong because of the different years.

What is the easiest way - or the possible way - to do this for all cities, and finally the chart?