I wrote the server for an internet game a few months ago. The server/software's been going great (a few errors, some headache, but nothing too bad ), until recently. The game is topping 400+ users a night, and all of a sudden the game's going haywire. I'm getting 'out of stack space' errors, and this one 'object invoked' something-er-other (game's running off of a T1 which isn't local to me, and when the server crashed the administrator didn't write the error down exactly).

I do make somewhat excessive usage of DoEvents in the program, since the Winsock control is known to loose events if the procedure is not called. I've got DoEvents placed inside pretty much every loop in the program (most of which are around 300 iterations each). I also put the tcpServer(Index).SendData line (along with DoEvents, of course ) in it's own procedure (SendData) to simplify code and allow non-intrusive error handling code for the many SendData procedure calls throughout the events.

So, I'm looking for a resource, or tips, on how to go about tackling this problem. Since it's just surfaced after 6 months of no problems, I'm reluctant to experiment and potentially turn a nasty situation into a horrible one.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!


Brian Hogg
Creator of BINGO On-Line