I've attached my database in Access 2007. I am getting a MsgBox Popup with the docID (my primary key for my main table) in quotes. I can't figure out what I wrote in the code to cause this or if it is something more major than I can see (I'm very new to VBA). Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can make it go away???


To see the error I am concerned with:

Open Database link.

From the form that pops up on opening the database (frmMainMenu), select the option "SOP Document Tracking" from the SOP Document Management option group.

A MsgBox will Pop Up with directions to "Find document on next form and then select OK." Select "OK"

Then a form (frmDocSearch) will Pop Up. Select any row from this form and select "OK".

This is where my error appears. A Pop Up box with a number which corresponds to that document's docID, which is the Primary Key for tblDocumentInformation. It says "Microsoft Office Acc..." but it is not resizable so I can't see the rest of it.

After you select "OK" it goes away and pulls up the correct form. But I'm thinking this is from one of the error handlers. I came in during the middle of this database's development and I'm not sure if it is part of the code I wrote or from my predecessor.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!