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Thread: Need suggestions/help on game i'm making! Please read!

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    Hi, im making a rpg game. Ive pretty much gotten through the easy parts, but now comes the hard part. Ive taken 8 photos, with my digital camera of corse. I have patched them all together into 1 photo. So now its the entire room/setting in one photo.(I set the camera in the center of the room, and took pictures in a circle, then pasted them together with adobe photoshop 5.)Now I have a large(long) picture of the room. It seems that you are standing in the center. My goal is to have the player move 360 degrees.Which is shown in the photo. Now, This is where i need some help and suggestions. I placed the photo in a picturebox, I then placed a button and a clock. When the button was pressed, i had the photo in the picturebox move slightly. I did this quickly before going to bed, by having it increase the "left" of the photo. smart or stupid, i dont know. All i know is that it moved the photo. Now any suggestions on any easyer way to do this, also how would i possibly make it so, when the end of the photo is reached, it loops back to the beginning? This is probally confusing you, sorry for the bad discription, but i could not explain it any better. So I would appreciate and suggestiong/help i can get, THANX A LOT!

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    Do you mean something like a primitive virtual reality view? Where you can look around your room?


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