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Thread: Registry characters

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    Registry characters

    I am loading the registry to a file via vb6 and i need a character to seperate each value. Which values can i use that will not appear in any of the registry entries?


    Simon Canning

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    Re: Registry characters

    There is no such magical character. since there are binary contents stored in the registry, all the values from 0-255 are might be in use. you can use arrays instead, to store the items.

    Type myRegistryHive
      bIsKey As Boolean  
      Key As String
      EntryName As String
      DataType As Long
      Data As String
    End Type
    Private Registry() As myRegistryHive
    Thats all. You can use the bIsKey and Key to store a sub-key, while the EntryName and Data to store data. If an entry is a Key, set the bIsKey to True, otherwise let is False.
    You can also set the DataType as a numeric indicator, to know what the content should be converted to before use. For example the String could be 1, Double word 2, and so on..

    Later then you can save this array to a file, or load it up if you wish.

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