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Thread: Print out list with more than one page

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    I' m printing out a listbox with this method:

    Dim intx As Integer
    Printer.FontSize = 14
    For intx = 0 To LIST1.ListCount
    Printer.Print LIST1.List(intx)
    Next intx

    This code works perfect , but now I want that the printer starts printing on the second page when the first page ends.
    Wahat must the code be like (VB3)? :rolleyes

    Thanks for some help, Matt :rolleyes

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    an easy way is to put a counter into the loop you have already. work out how many lines you can fit on 1 page, and then use Printer.Newpage when the counter reaches ths number, to start another page and reset the counter at the same time. This way is a little untidy, but it shouldnt slow the code down.

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