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Thread: Excel GUI for SQL Server 2008?

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    Excel GUI for SQL Server 2008?

    I've googled all over the net but can't find a way to make an Excel GUI for SQL Server 2008 express.

    I know you can use wizards to import excel data. I want something more automated.

    I know you can "connect" to odbc datasources but this is only half the solution.

    I know you can import from excel to SQL Server but again - this is through wizards and not seamless.

    I thought there would be dozens of examples where VB forms in Excel download recordsets, navigate through them with forms and then upload changes either record by record or as a batch.

    I don't have MS Access so I'm kinda stuck with making some sort of read/write GUI with Excel and Excel VBA.

    Is this totally unheard of??
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    Re: Excel GUI for SQL Server 2008?

    It is definitely possible, using the same concepts as you would with a VB6 program - all that really changes is the controls you use (to simplify installation issues, it is best to only use built-in controls).

    For the database interaction side of things, I would recommend using ADO, as shown in the "Classic VB: ADO" section of our Database Development FAQs/Tutorials

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