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    I don't know but I would love to see the answer

    I am so skeptacle, I can hardly believe it!

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    I got most of the formatting I need, with {\rtf1\ansi\ ... } kind of embedded script but what I really want is like the Print.NewPage in a stored document. Word puts \page into rtf text, but it seems to only be interpreted by Word, i.e., I can't read it in an rtf control.

    Any other way to insert pagebreaks in a textfile?

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    I am printing info to a sequential text file which I want to load into an rtf box. I would like to print richtext format into the file also, esp. pagebreaks. I assume I need header info indicating RTF when loading, and /page indicators where appropriate? Is this so, and if so, what kind of header and how do I present my /page?

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