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    How Do I allow a user to move a window if the window does not have a title bar?

    I plan to make a program that starts as a small floatable button which the user can covieniently move around their screen into a desired position. When the button is DblClicked my program will Show it's second page that conatains the grit and grunt functions.

    If it helps, I'd say that I am looking for the coding simular to what the ICQ's "float Name" option does. Can anyone help me out?

    I appreciate any time and effort,
    Daniel Christie

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    you have to use the SendMessage and Release Capture functions in the API. create a label or form or some control with the mousedown proceedure. in the control_MouseDown sub call the function you have made using the two API functions i listed above. if you would like the code i use to create my own titlebars, e-mail at it's very simple.

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    Check out this VB-World's tip Moving Form without Title Bar



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