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Thread: [RESOLVED] Simple Batch file question

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Simple Batch file question

    I'm trying to do a number comparison in a ms-dos batch file. I have the following code

    set /a lastmonth_=%monthnr_%-1
    echo %lastmonth_%
    if %lastmonth_% < 10 set %lastmonth_% = 0%lastmonth_%
    echo %lastmonth_%

    the "< 10" isn't working - says something about < is unexpected.

    How do you do number comparisons in MS DOS batch files?

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    Re: Simple Batch file question

    You have to use abbreviations.

    LSS is less than
    LEQ is less than or equal to
    GTR is greater than
    GEQ is greater than or equal to

    Same for equals (EQU) and not equals (NEQ). If you just use a = then it automatically stores to the variable, even in an if statement.

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