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Thread: Multi Line??

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    Multi Line??

    How does the multi line property work in vB?

    In my form i have a space for Street Address, and am wondering which is better: to put in two or 3 separate text boxes, or to try the multi line does the multi line thing work?

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    Re: Multi Line??

    When Multiline property is set to True textbox will recognize carriage return character and will "move" all following text to next line - same effect if you would press the Enter key.
    When working with database form's design often depends on how tables are structured - if you have 3 fields for address (address1, address2, etc) then having 3 textboxes on the form will make more sense then 1 with multiline and visa versa.

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    Re: Multi Line??

    Multiline allows you to type more than one line of text in a textbox.
    It will be read as one string and the lines are connected by vbCrLf.
    You will have to process that to get the seperate fields.
    I can foresee input problems here.

    With different textboxes you don't have to do any work to separate the fields as they are separate to begin with.

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