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Thread: Uppgrading VB5 to VB6

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    I have just bought VB6 but I have seem some post here stating that I need to uninstall VB5 before I install VB6 because there may be some internal conflicts. why?

    My Q is this.
    After I have installed VB6 will I have access to the ocx's that VB5 had? i.e VB5 common controls and other controls that some peolple have indicated are better in VB5.
    Or how do I do to get access to them?


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    It's probably a good idea to uninstall first. I haven't had the experience, but many people have posted problems with internal conflicts when using OCXs. They get messages such as "You do not have a licence to use this control on this machine" or some rubbish like that.

    MS making our lives difficult again I guess

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