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    Can someone post or e-mail me ( some working code to access a report for Crystal Reports 7.
    I am looking to pass variables to the report to set the range of data to be displayed.

    I am just not getting the whole Crystal thing.

    If I could be enlightened there would be much gratitude.

    There is a war out there, and it is about who controls the information, it's all about the information.

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    My despiration increases. Oh the sorrow that may befall me should I be unable to produce the reports that management so earnestly seeks.
    I am bound by my lack of knowledge and the demands of those who provide my monetary substance.
    Again may I humbly request assistance.[ ]

    There is a war out there and it is about who controls the information, it's all about the information.

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    I know what you mean - I don't get this whole "Crystal" thing either. My backside is on the line too. If anyone knows of any tutorials (web based or otherwise) LET US KNOW!!

    - Chris
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    I've had problems with Crystal Reports as well. I can call it up without a problem but I can't seem to be able to send it variables. When I get home tonight I will look at what I have done and see. IF I come across something I'll let you know.

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