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Thread: Web Development FAQs, Tutorials, and Best Practices

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    Web Development FAQs, Tutorials, and Best Practices

    Welcome to the Index of Web Development FAQs, Tutorials, and Best Practices.
    The aim of this project is to highlight, gather, and develop the very best articles on web development - this will be a growing list.

    If you'd like to contribute an article, you may do so by submitting it to the FAQs forum.

    The articles are presented below, grouped by language/topic and type.
    If you'd like to ask a technical question on any of these topics, click the topic heading to go straight to the relevant forum, and then post a message there.
    If you have any feedback relevant to an article listed here, please reply to the thread, or, in the case of closed threads, send a Private Message to penagate or the author of the article.

    W3Schools HTML Tutorial -
    W3Schools XHTML Tutorial -

    CSS Float tutorial -
    CSS Design tutorial -

    W3Schools Javascript tutorial -
    Object Oriented JavaScript tutorial - Part 1, Part 2
    The Prototype Framework -

    Ajax tutorial -
    W3Schools Ajax tutorial -

    W3Schools XML tutorial -

    Flash(links to
    W3Schools Flash tutorial
    Specific Flash Examples/Tutorials -
    Actionscript tutorial -

    Web Design
    Web Design Tutorial -
    Moving from Tables to CSS Layouts -
    12 Lessons for those afraid of CSS and standards -
    Semantic Markup for your pages -
    Guide to semantic markup -

    Search Engine Optimization
    Wikipedia -
    SEO Tips -

    List of ASP.NET Tutorials

    PHP Frequently Asked Questions
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