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Thread: Simulating a seven segment display

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    Simulating a seven segment display

    Can someone help ? This is regarding my project that has to be given in in 2 days time,so I would really appreciate if someone would help me on this.

    The project is on a petrol pump,they ask us to simulate a seven segment display to produce the numers,i.e:

    In that form.So I need a code that,when you enter a number it would be displayed on a diffrernt window containing the 7 segment display.Its a colour change,i.e, default color of label is gray,when you enter the number 1,only the lines on the left would change to a colour like orange,etc.

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    Re: Simulating a seven segment display

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    Re: Simulating a seven segment display

    May I see the whole thread of this ?

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    Re: Simulating a seven segment display

    There's a link just above the post to view the whole thread...

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    Re: Simulating a seven segment display

    vb Code:
    1. 'a led setup
    2. Type t7Segment
    3.     Led(7) As Boolean
    4. End Type
    6. 'stores the led setup for each number
    7. Dim LedNumber(10) as t7Segment
    9. 'makes the specified led setup
    10. Function New7Segment(S0 As Boolean,
    11.                      S1 As Boolean,
    12.                      S2 As Boolean,
    13.                      S3 As Boolean,
    14.                      S4 As Boolean,
    15.                      S5 As Boolean,
    16.                      S6 As Boolean,
    17.                      S7 As Boolean) As t7Segment
    18.     New7Segment(0) = S0 'dot
    19.     New7Segment(1) = S1 'top
    20.     New7Segment(2) = S2 'top right
    21.     New7Segment(3) = S3 'bottom right
    22.     New7Segment(4) = S4 'bottom
    23.     New7Segment(5) = S5 'bottom left
    24.     New7Segment(6) = S6 'top left
    25.     New7Segment(7) = S7 'center
    26. End FUnction
    28. 'generates the led setup for each number
    29. Function GetLedNumber(Number As Long) As t7Segment
    30.      Select Case Number
    31.         Case 0
    32.             GetLedNumber = New7Segment(0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0)
    33.         Case 1
    34.             'etc
    35.         Case Else
    36.             GetLedNumber = New7Segment(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
    37.     End Select
    38. ENd Function
    40. 'builds the saved led setup for each number
    41. Sub Initialize()
    42.     LedNumber(0) = New7Segment(0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0)
    43.     'etc
    44. End Sub
    You can then write code to draw the leds (draw lines, turn shapes on/off, etc) that accepts a t7Segment as input.

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    Re: Simulating a seven segment display

    jeroen79, read the messages in the thread before you post, if you look at the second post in this thread it has a link to here

    And that thread was closed for posting...

    If you click on that link, you will find THIS:
    Quote Originally Posted by ictteacheruk129
    Please do not help this student on any topics related to this petrol station project.I do not mean to be cruel to them,but this is currently a nationally tested course in college over here in the UK at the moment.And it gives the student an unfair advantage over others if they are getting outside help from more experienced VB programmers,rather than learning how to work around these problems themselves.You're Co-operation will be greatly appreciated and on behalf of the British Higher educational services I thank you

    Jerry Rolands

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