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Thread: Please, really need help about OCX licensing

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    I had to swap the computer I'm working with.
    I'm absolutely sure VB5 was installed on both CPUs from the same CD.
    I copyed the projects I'm developing on the new CPU and when I open them the MS Common controls (ListViews, TabStrips ...) and the MS FlexGrid won't load because of "missing license".
    The Common Dialog control, strangely, gives no problem.
    Then I noticed that I can't add these controls in a newly created project, either.
    That's really strange, because those controls automatically appear on the list of licensed controls, since they are provided with VB5.
    Please note that I'm perfectly able to include ActiveX controls in a project from the Components tab (else my projects won't have worked on the previous CPU in the first place), so I really don't know how to convince my new CPU that I *AM* licensed to use those OCX.
    I really, really need help because I'm supposed to WORK on these projects!!!
    Thank very much for any help!

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