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Thread: VB6 UniControls Summer Release [2008-06-19]

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    Re: VB6 UniControls Summer Release [2008-06-19]

    this is cool merri, any hope to add unicode toolbar, and listview?
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    Re: VB6 UniControls Summer Release [2008-06-19]

    Sorry, I no longer develop for VB6. Mostly PHP and JS these days, later on probably BlitzMax or C++ if I have the time.

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    Re: VB6 UniControls Summer Release [2008-06-19]

    I've been programming for many years and I have never found code for this particular program online. I guess you'll have to write it yourself. That is, after all, the best source for homework code.

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    Re: VB6 UniControls Summer Release [2008-06-19]

    Hi Merri, not sure if you are still following this thread, if so please reply to my query asap. I am using your 2007's Unicode controls. In that I am facing problem with UniMenu. When I set the caption in Menu Editor, it works fine and displays the unicode values correctly. But, when I am passing value to Caption runtime, it is getting displayed as '??'. When I debugged and checked the variable value which is passed to Unimenu.Caption, it is also getting passed as '???'. May be this is the reason why its not getting displayed correctly.

    But, I have used UniLabels and in that also I have set values using variables and these variables during debug shows values as '???', but still the values getting displayed on the form are correct. They appear in Chinese and Japanese both.

    So, setting caption runtime works fine with UniLabels but not working for UniMenu. Can you please help!!


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    Re: VB6 UniControls Summer Release [2008-06-19]

    Here, full unicode support in both design mode and during runtime for VB6.
    Complete source code.





    File I/O

    Clipboard I/O

    Other routines for putting Unicode into the caption of any VB control with a hWnd,
    including forms.

    Just download from here and you're all set:

    Also, a Unicode textbox could easily be developed from this. I just haven't had a need for it. Just start with the RTF label and leave the RichTextBox open for editing during runtime. Just as an FYI, VB6 captions support Unicode. It's just an issue of getting VB6 strings into and out of them. I've supplied easy procedures for this. The other problem is that the PropertyBag doesn't appear to support Unicode (but it can be made to). Also, the .FRM files are written in ANSI (which is strongly related to the PropertyBag), so we must make sure that our Unicode data goes into the .FRX file. This is all easy though. Just put the strings into a byte array in a variant and stuff this variant into the PropertyBag. This does it, and it automatically gets saved in the .FRX file. See the source code I've supplied for examples. Regarding the actual property window, that does NOT support Unicode, so you have to design a custom property window using the RichTextBox (which does full Unicode). I've done all of this in a very clean fashion in the supplied code.

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    Re: VB6 UniControls Summer Release [2008-06-19]

    Seems the link is down, can you please re-upload it

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