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Thread: Filtering records in MSHFlexGrid on a Form

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    I am trying to sychronise two forms Form1 and Form2 to display filtered data in form2.
    I have populated both forms with recordsets(rsEmployee,Orders)respectively. These recordsets are bound programatically to MSHFlexGrids.

    How would I filter the "Orders" recordset bound to MSflexGrid using the "filter property" when I change the records in the "Employees" forms.
    Note I am using the "EmployeeID" as the link between the two MSFlexgrids bound to the recordsets.
    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


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    You can set by each database recordsource a sql statement

    Main database = db1
    Second database = db2


    ' 'database' stands for your table
    sql = "select * from database where id="

    db2.recordsource = sql & _
    ' field '0' stands for your table id

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