We are happy to welcome the Microsoft Visual Basic Team to VBForums for a slow chat on the topic of Visual Basic. The team will be visiting this forum during the week of December 10th, 2007.

Because an entire forum could be created on the topics surrounding Visual Basic, we are going to ask that this slow chat focus on Visual Basic 2005 and Visual Basic 2008. Feel free to ask any questions that are appropriate for members of the Visual Basic team.

This is our chance to interact directly with members of the Visual Basic team. Let's make it a great experience so that we can get them to come back again in the future!

This forum should not be used for technical support. Technical support questions will be moved to the primary forum. This forum is also not the time or place to complain about Visual Basic 6. If you want to provide suggestions or comments for future versions of Visual Basic, that is appropriate.


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