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Thread: VB: Calculator for the Game of Spider

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    VB: Calculator for the Game of Spider

    Title: Spider Calculator

    Description: An enhanced statistics display for the game of Spider

    Feature list: Displays the same statistics that the Spider Statistics menu item does, with the addition of a line that displays the number of wins you need to get to the next Win Rate. In addition the utility can be minimized and while minimized it displays that statistic in the Task Bar.


    Author name: MartinLiss

    Known Problems:
    • None

    Version 1.3
    • Corrected bug which caused Overflow error when program left running for a long time
    • Added ability to change Difficulty level

    Version 1.31
    • Corrected (I think) the calculation of the current streak

    Version 1.41
    • Really corrected the calculation of the current streak
    • Added more stats
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