I have had my Visual Basic 5.0 Pro for over a year and never had a problem with it. About a week ago though I started receiving a few unexpected runtime errors. I first noticed this when I ran a third-party 'game' type program and got a runtime 380 (invalid property value) error when I tried to start it (which I had never gotten using that program before.) I wanted to find out more about why I was getting that error so I went the Visual Basic Books Online. I got up to the splash screen while starting it and then got a runtime '7' error(out of memory.) During exectuion of both of these programs I had no other applications running and my Resource Meter showed ample resources. I ran a virus scan and an error check on my entire hard drive and came up with no problems. I completely uninstalled Visual Basic and reinstalled it and the same problems occured. If anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated.