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Thread: Direct3D in the taskbar

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    Direct3D in the taskbar

    If I launch my DirectX program, full-screen initializes. If I alt tab out of it, it alt-tabs as normal. However, if I then maximize it so it has the focus of my computer again and then alt-tab for the second time, the window doesn't minimize. The taskbar shows up but the program doesn't minimize. It's like, the first time I alt tab it works perfectly normal but then second time I do it, it doesn't work. Anyone know why? I would really like to fix this. Thankssss..

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    Re: Direct3D in the taskbar

    Mine does something like that... Only it comes with a big fat automation error as well. Sigh.

    I've tried adding code so it only runs the RenderAll subroutine when it's got the focus, but that doesn't help. You might want to give it a shot though, because before it threw the error as soon as I alt-tabbed, but now it only does it when it goes back in.

    Does it appear as it normally does when you alt-tab the second time? Or just as a big grey form?

    Oh, and can't you click things on the taskbar to get away from it anyway?

    Edit: Which DirectX are you using? 8?

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