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Thread: 'merge' two tables

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    Having two tables in two different database in Access. These two tables have almost 85% the same. Say:
    Table A has attributes: u, v, x, y, z
    Table B has attributes: v, y, z
    A belongs to AA.mdb and B belongs to BB.mdb
    is there a way that we can do the following:
    1. if records deleted in B, do the same thing in A. or vice versa (vv)
    2. if records updated in B, same in A or vv
    3. if inserted in B, insert in A as well. vv

    (compare each record in A with B will waste to much time and is not practical if we have 100 records on each table)

    any help!


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    Are you merging two tables or are you trying to keep two tables the exact same or are you trying to do maintenance with one table if the record happens to exist in the other. Are the tables keyed the same? I would say 100 records will be a sinch to do in code. You might also look into replication.

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