Hi there.

I ran VB 6.0, Used the T-SQL Debugger addin and ran stored procedures a fewtimes. I got in+out of VB a few tiems.

I shut off the machine. Next day when I try to use VB - I get this dreaded "Unexpect error - Qutting" error message.

I tried a few things that didn't work:
reinstall visual studio, reapply service packs (before and after the option pack).
I looked up MSDN Knowledge base which suggests I look for 2 DLL files. They are already where they should be. I copied them over anyway as suggested.

Does any one have any idea? This is driving me crazy. Reinstalling the whole configuration takes over 4 hours and I have done this a few times to no avail.

Much thanks! Madhu
Here's my computer configuration:
I have WinNT Server 4.0, SQL Server 6.5 + SQL Debugger, Visual studio 6.0, Option Pack 4.0.
Service Packs - NT 6, Sql Srvr 4, Visstudio 6
Internet explorer 4.01 with service pack 2