So I play games often with a lot of different people and as you do, you form friendships with people you've never met.

I've been playing online games with this girl *audible groan from the audience* and she's always been fun and stuff like that. Nothing major. We game - we log off - real life takes over. Repeat the next time we are online together. It wasn't that complicated.


But it is now.

* rolls eyes *

She was acting all weird and stuff on the weekend and I asked her what the problem was. She gives me the "nothing's wrong - but if I told you, you'd freak." Silly me. I should have left it at that. Being a friend I encouraged her to get it off her chest and she did. It seems over the last 3 weeks she's developed an affection for me.

She starts by saying she's been unhappy at home and when she's online with me (we chat and/or game for hours) she goes to bed feeling happy and good about herself. When I'm offline or gaming with other people she feels overly possesive and wished I'd just game with her (women eh). She gets disappointed when I'm offline for long periods.

There's more but I'll spare you the mush.

Thing is, she has a partner for 7 years and there is no way I want to be on the receiving end of his knuckles! I don't know what her long term plans are - I don't think she knows either. If she's looking for a way out of her relationship she can find another guy for that. We've met in real life once before (she's attractive - no pics ) and we live maybe 2 hours apart but I'm not interested. My life is already complicated.

I like her a lot but right up until now she was just a gamer chick. It's also impossible to hear someone say all those things about you and not feel, and give, some of that affection back. I'm 99% sure all this will pass but our friendship is in that "weird" zone at the moment. I'm happy to be there but I'd like to keep it all in perspective.

Damn it. She ruined everything.

Next time someone says "If I tell you, you'll freak out." I'm going to say "Okay then - I gotta go!"

I want it back the way it was - Timeshifter - wind back the clock please!