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Thread: 64-bit code

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    64-bit code

    I'm programming in Visual Studio 2005 and I've come across an error (details don't matter here). Searching around, I found something that said that what I want to do won't work with dlls that are compiled with 64-bit code until the next release of the product.

    I know that there is a version of Visual Studio 2005 that compiles things in 64-bit code, but do all versions of 2005 do that? If not, how can I find out if my code is being compiled into 32 or 64 bit code?

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    Re: 64-bit code

    I'm not sure but I don't think the Express editions support 64-bit. I would guess that Standard does but I don't know. Professional and above definitely do. If you really want to know then MSDN would be able to tell you.

    If you wanted to compile for a 64-bit platform you'd have to go to the Compile tab of the project properties, press the Advanced Compile Options button and select the Target CPU as x64.

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    Re: 64-bit code

    Looking here:

    It would appear that the only versions that don't support compilation to x64 are the "Express" and "Tools for Office" editions.
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