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Thread: colliding graphics

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    colliding graphics

    vb Code:
    1. If Ball.VisibleClipBounds.Bottom = Bar.VisibleClipBounds.Top Then
    2.             tracker = 500
    3.             tracker2 = 500
    4.         End If

    shouldn't this take care of two objects colliding?? when they DO collide, nothing happens, they go right through each other. there are alot of good method for visible clip bounds, and i have tried alot of them, suggestions would be nice.
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    Re: colliding graphics

    Instead of checking if the bottom clip bound is EQUAL to the top of the bar, check if its GREATER THAN OR EQUAL to the top of the bar (or less than, I keep forgetting where VB starts the 0 y value). The chances that the ball is exactly equal to the top of the bar is very very small, you have to check if its greater than or equal.

    Try that and if it doesn't work, please post more of the code.

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    Re: colliding graphics

    if(Ball.VisibleClipBounds.Bottom >= Bar.VisibleClipBounds.Top) Then
    and then depending on how you do the game you might want to add another if to make sure that it is colliding below also:
    if(Ball.VisibleClipBounds.Top <= Bar.VisibleClipBounds.Bottom) Then
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    Re: colliding graphics

    @kylekocak: Basically you are checking to see if the shapes have the same Y coordinate so they miss each other when you move one quicker the a twip per second.

    What are "Tracker" and "Tracker2"? Are they shapes or varibles? if they are shapes why don't you set to 500 and to 500?

    Can you also post some more code so that we can understand what you want to achieve.
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