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Thread: More VBScript Q's...

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    1.)How do I use the 'window.navigate' to navigate to a URL to a specific window?
    2.)What's the unput for a web control that doesn't allow user input, or atleast a way to lock a text box from editing?

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    1. I'd use location.href=""

    2. why not just display it outside of a control, if it's not going to be edited then you don't need to put it on there in the first place; and before you say "...but it's in a form and I need that value submitted with the form...", use hidden fields to accomplish this.

    so it might look like this:

    <form name="yourform" method="post">
    <input type=hidden name=SomeVariableName value="your un-editable value">
    <td>your un-editable value</td>
    </form>, if this looks ok on this forum, the user can't edit the value but it still gets submitted with the form.


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