I posted this a couple of days ago, with no replies. Can anyone tell whether itis possible or not? I know it is possible with Adobe Acrobat 3.01 or later, when you create *pdf applications. So there may be a way to do this in VB.

I have used the code presented by Vb-World's Wolfgang, Tip 60 located at:

It works fine and thanks to Wolfang for reminding us to close the AVI File.

My intention is to have a scrolling banner at the bottom of a form, which will remain displayed until the form is unloaded and the video forced to stop.

The animated AVI was created with Animation Pro 2.0 (an excelent program by JASC)and have a total scrolling time of approx. 10 seconds.

With a Timer in the form I can syncronize the Timer interval to tic each 10 or 12 seconds, so the banner keeps scrolling.

The inconvenient is that the avi file is played by a media player in the user's machine, within a window over the form, close buttons, etc.

My question, Wolfgang and other memebers:

1- can I modify Wolfgang's code to display just the banner over the form, without the player window and controls?

2- Is there a way to play the avi in loops (programatically), which would then eliminate the Timer in my form?

Please help

Paul Stermann