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Thread: Obtaining Date Values

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    I have two fields in an Access Database:

    StartDate EndDate
    1/12/99 6/2/99

    Is there any way I can assign a variable to the values of these two fields and all of the dates in between.


    I want to end up with something like:

    sDate1 = 1/12/99
    sDate1 = 2/12/99
    sDate1 = 3/12/99
    sDate1 = 4/12/99
    sDate1 = 5/12/99
    sDate1 = 6/12/99

    If this is possible how could I code it in VB ?

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    You can't have a single variable represent multiple values, the closest you can get is to use an Array, but, if you know the Begin and End Values, just use those in your Expressions, ie.
    If dSomeDate >= dBeginDate And dSomeDate <= dEndDate Then 
        'The Date "dSomeDate" Falls in the Range of Dates Represented by dBeginDate and dEndDate
    End If
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