I posted this before, in hope of getting help this time. Anyway, does anyone have any clue how I would do this,I have seen it done before but I have no clue how:

when you click on the icon for the program, instead of showing the same icon dimmed (or greyed out looking) , how would I change it into a whole different icon. Keep in mind that the program that the icon changes for is not running, so is there any kind of code that will assign another icon you specify instead of the same old dimmed icon? I know the program that had the icon like this, was made in vb (i dont know which version) i use vb5 ent. , but if anyone could help me out, it would be
appreciated, thanks. And if I was not specific enough, then... what I mean by this is , ok, for every file on your computer, you have an icon for it, and when you click it , it lookes like its dimmed. well, instead of showing the same icon dimmed when you click on it, I want it to show a totally different icon for the program that the code for this is in. so , basicly, I write the code to do this in visual basic, I then compile it, and now every time you click on the .exe file for this program, it shows the
other icon, and when its not highlighted, or being clicked it shows the other icon.