My problem is that only the first record is shown on the data report.
I use an ADO Data Control to access a SQL Server database.

From a VB form I create open the sql stmt along with an ado connection, command and recordset then assign the recordset to the one on the report. I then assign the datafields and show the report. The text fields on the report already have their datasource set to the ado control (adoHourlyCalls).


rstHourly.Open cmdHourly

rptHourlyCalls.adoHourlyCalls.Recordset = rstHourly
rptHourlyCalls.hdrDate.DataField = "TheLSO"
rptHourlyCalls.txtDate.DataField = "TheLSO"
rptHourlyCalls.txtInterval.DataField = "TheHour"
rptHourlyCalls.txtLSO.DataField = "TheDate"
rptHourlyCalls.txtCollect.DataField = "CollectCalls"
rptHourlyCalls.txtPrepaid.DataField = "PrepaidCalls"
rptHourlyCalls.txtTotal.DataField = "TotalCalls"


When I view the report it only shows the first record.
How can I get it to show all the records?

Thanks in advance.