Hi all,

Visual Baisc 6 app specs:

  1. Blank form with 2 buttons
  2. Button1 calls DeleteDummyFile() which resides in a DLL referenced by the project
  3. Button2 opens an OpenFileDialog*
  4. DeleteDummyFile() simply deletes the file "c:\temp.txt"
  5. App hooks NtCreateFile() and NtOpenFile() and knows when it is trying to delete a file
  6. App displays a MsgBox confirming delete with a Yes/No
  7. If "no", file is not deleted

* The OpenFileDialog box is only there for verification of the compiled app. If the hooking works correctly I should get the MsgBox when deleting a file through the OpenFileDialog.


  • Payment via PayPal
  • Half payment on email containing compiled app
  • Remainder of payment on email containing full source code

Please respond to this post if you are interested.