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Thread: NT Server 4 & VB

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    Is there a way of finding if a username is in an specifide group and if the password is the same as the NT Account?? to act as validation??

    Ian R Simmons(CCC)

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    Here are some links that may help. I got these from a thread.

    List servers users and groups:

    Add global groups to work groups:

    Enumerate users and groups; add and delete users from a group:

    Add, delete, change groups:

    Control bulk accounts; home directory, script path and others:

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    Windows NT will not give you the password of a user. The only thing you could do is try to log on by using it, or to open a program with this account.
    API functions like CreateProcessAsUser or LogonUser could be usefull. I have never used them though, so I can't offer you much more help.

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