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Thread: Starting usind ADO - Give me your opinion

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    I have developed some programs using DAO. Now I intend to develop using ADO in a network with 15 computers. There will be 3 tables with about 80000 records and 30 tables with about 5000 records each one.

    My questions are:
    1- Is ADO very faster than DAO?
    2- What's the best and safest database to use with VB6
    using ADO? Is Access 97 good or not?
    3- Should I use Windows 98 or Windows NT?
    4- What should I change in my Windows configuration to work
    properly with ADO?

    Does anybody have 2 or 3 programs to send me as example? I need to know what has changed from DAO to ADO, how to manipulate databases, etc...

    Thanks a lot for any help...

    Michel Jr.

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    1) Slightly, I have read that DAO is faster on 2 sites, but 99% of sites I've read say there isn't much difference, but ADO has the edge on this.

    2) Depends on what you use this for. Access is good, but is limited for the amount of records it can store. For network applications, most people like working with SQL.

    3) This doesn't matter at all and is linked to point 4.

    4) Configuration wise, you should not need to change anything, what you will need is "Microsoft's Data Access Components" installed on your PC. ( )

    I have forwarded an excellent sample app on your e-mail which I found useful. If you goto or and do a search for "ADO", you will get a load of samples ( sorts these into begginner, intermediate & advanced samples too).

    Hope this is of some help

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    ...1 cent worth

    1. Use ADO... much faster
    2. Use SQL Server... (reason is obvious.. Microsoft is
    makes it easy for its own db...)
    3. Suggest u use stored procs whenever possible instead
    of inline sqls...

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    Sorry to disagree

    After reading so many different things about the speed of ADO vs DAO I decided to do my own performance tests.

    Conclusion : If accessing an Access database then DAO is faster than ADO. Yes thats right. If you only have a small number of records then the speed difference won't be noticed, but with large numbers the difference can be quite noticeable.

    If the DB you want to design has the possibility of growing very large, and being upgraded to SQL Server, then you are better off using ADO as the transition between the two will be easier.
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