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Thread: Error Handling in Active X Dlls

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    I want to use some classes in an Active X Dll that would represent tables in an Acess database

    This dll would then be accessed from my app meaning that that the data would be seperated from the front end

    What I am not sure about though is how to handle errors

    If I placed addnew, edit or update methods in the class would they have to be made functions returning a boolean value rather than normal sub methods

    the code from the front end would then be

    set ObjSales = new SalesDll.clsSales

    if objsales.addnew then
    ' add new items

    if objsales.update then
    msgbox "all ok "
    msgbox "Errors occured"
    end if

    Therefore what I need to know is how to communcicate errors betweeen the dll and the calling form

    many thanks


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    Use events to pass back information to the calling application:

    (Using you code form below)
    'In the declarations section
    Public Event UpdateSuccessful()
    Public Event UpdateError(plngErrorNumber as Long, pstrErrDesc as String)
    'In the 
    if objsales.addnew then 
    ' add new items 
    if objsales.update then 
        RaiseEvent UpdateSuccessful 
        RaiseEvent UpdateError(Err.Number, Err.Description
    end if
    Then, when you declare that object in the application, you declare it using the WithEvents keyword, remembering that it must be a module level declaration eg:
    Private WithEvents mobjSales as clsSales
    Alternatively, you can use Err.Raise to pass the error out (but this way you MUST catch the error. Using Withevents means the error is caught in the DLL, not the app.

    - gaffa

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