Hello to all - from a newly converted VB believer (from C++)

I am working on a project that uses the datagrid to present data read from binary files. The grids are bound to individual adodc objects, which in turn are equated to recordsets that I fill in from the data files. There is no database, but I still get to enjoy the benefits of all the ado/recordset data management stuff which is great.

My questions are as follows:

1. Is this design sensible in your experienced opinions?

2. Is there a "standard" ways to use ADO to read the text file (I am doing it in simple code now with my own Types for the I/O) ?

3. Once the data is in the grid - how can I limit the number of characters typed in a cell? Right now the field scrolls horizontally, and I would like to limit that to a specific number of characters. I have found no literature on this subject, and am beginning to wonder if the problem is that I have no database definition to tell the data control what the field characteristics are for each field...

If anyone finds these questions interesting and can help me out I would greatly appreciate it...