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Thread: vb class files

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    I am having a problem.
    Here is my code.
    The problem is that it will not let me type in
    ' Private as integer m_numToAdd%
    Private as integer m_Total%'
    In the general declerations in my class

    Here is the rest of the code.
    Option Explicit
    Public Property Get NumToAdd() As Integer
          NumToAdd = m_numtoadd%
    End Property
    Public Property Let NumToAdd(ByVal vNewValue As Integer)
    m_numtoadd% = inewvalue
    End Property
    Public Property Get Total() As Integer
    Total = m_total%
    End Property
    Public Property Let Total(ByVal vNewValue As Integer)
    m_total% = inewvalue
    End Property
    Private Sub AddNum()
    m_total% = m_numtoadd% + m_total%
    End Sub
    If anyone can tell me why I can not put the above in General Declerations and or know a link that explains writing class's would help alot.

    Thanks in advance.

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    VB Class Files

    The problem is the "%"


    Private m_numToAdd as integer

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    I noticed that you're setting =inewvalue instead of =vnewvalue which is what you were passing.

    If you want to denote integer vs string vs whatever, use hungarian notation:

    Private iInteger As Integer
    Private sString As String
    Private m_vVariant As Variant
    Private m_lLong As Long
    (etc. I'm sure you can look it up somewhere)

    and lose the %.

    end war
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    Yeh that does work. Thanks.
    I didnt think vb would have a fit about that

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