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Thread: Icons not visible on toolbar

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    I loaded icons (.ico) into several buttons on a toolbar and can't see the icons at design-time or run-time.

    Any suggestions as to why I can't see the icons on the buttons while I can see the icons in each buttons picture tab of the toolbar properties.


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    It sounds like you're using the picture tab of the microsoft toolbar control. If this is the case the picture tab is only for a mouse icon picture. What you need to add images to the toolbar is an ImageList control.

    Add the images you want to the imagelist and then go to the general tab of the toolbar control and set the imagelist property to your new imagelist control. Then on the buttons tab the "Image" field will be enabled and you can specify an index number that relates to the imagelist (first image in the imagelist is index number 1). That should get you what you want. But let me know if it is not.

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