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Thread: simple ...... picture/image control

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    hello, i want something like A B C ...... Z
    and depending on the alphabet, the records will be filtered.
    and i want to use picture or image control for it, for a hyperlink sort of effect.
    which is better of the two picture or image control ??

    is there any way to get the bmp's or pics of A - Z alphabets.
    or is there any other easier way to do this.

    thanks in advance

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    If you have Microsoft Office you should be able to get the bmps for alphabetic letters in the bitmap folder in the MSOffice directory.

    As for which is better - i think its the image control. (but I may be wrong!)

    Just trying to muddle through...

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    thanx for the help....... but i'm not able to find the bmp's , can u pls chk it out once again

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