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Thread: COM & Visual C++?

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    It has been a couple years since I have programmed in C++ but it wouldn't take me long to get up to speed at all. I currently work in a 3-tiered environment with visual basic, com+, MMQ. We have been having some performance problems with our middle-tier visual basic dll's. I want to learn visual c++ for trying to improve the performance of some of these dll's. I am not worried about learning the display/MFC portion I just want to be able to work with Visual C++, COM, COM+, and everything needed for making efficient middle-tier dll's. I don't want a book that expects expertise in Visual C++ technologies like MFC but I don't want a book so simple that it expects I don't know anything about C++...can anyone recommend one really good book?

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    Try Ivor Horton's beginning Visual C++ 6 from Wrox Press.

    there's loads of stuff in there, it goes over C++ as well.

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    I have that book too, it's very good for introducing Windows stuff, but I've heard that it's MFC coverage is a little shaky towards the end. It's still a good book, but if you already know how to do Windows stuff in C++ then perhaps another, more advanced book would be better. There are a number of Wrox Press publications that are intended as follow-ons from this book, like "Beginning MFC Programming", "Beginning ATL COM Programming", "Beginning MFC COM Programming", "Beginning NT Programming", and beyond that there are also books on subjects like DCOM. There's a list of all the Wrox options at if you're interested.

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